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Dear Recipient,

Don't ask me how did I get this. I am not entirely sure myself – I know only that this is the first part I was able to restore. But there is more! Sketches, more letters. I'll do all I can to put together the rest. It seems that they were everywhere. I'll keep you updated – now I am working on something which seems to be from Japan, and I am fairly sure, that some of those sketches looked Middle Eastern.

The first letter from an unknown sailor: If you read this letter, I am already away. Do not follow me. Wait for further instructions.

I never believed those tales, but now I must admit, that there might not be any other possible explanation than that they are, in fact, real. I have seen many coincidences in my life, but this is absurd. They are everywhere. Just look closer – in every picture, painting or carving. They are there. They were there.

If you want to understand, open the book in the third drawer. There is a piece of paper in it. Look at their faces. Remember them. Not just how they look – remember how they feel.

I know they are real. They must be. And if they are, I don't want to think about what it may mean.

I am sorry...

(The rest of the letter is smudged and unreadable, a sketch is included – is it Boston Tea Party? What did really happened there, were they involved?)

I swear I will there is more to this, I just need more time. When I dig out something new, you'll be first to know.

For now, enjoy your Holiday!

Yours sincerely,

Secret Artist
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