Sep. 12th, 2017 08:28 pm
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So yesterday was election day for the parliament in Norway. For the last four years we've had a right-wing coalition - which I haven't been very happy with. I haven't been particularly happy with the political campaign either. The media has been trying to dig up dirt on the candidates, not focusing on politics.

Anyway, the result was more or less as I expected it to be, namely more of the same. I am a bit amazed at some of my friends who clearly thought the opposition would win, mainly based on what they saw on their facebook-feed. Have they learnt nothing about echo-chambers? My facebook-feed is full of people with wrong opposing views, and I rather like it to be like that (even when they are wrong and annoying, because I need to be reminded that my views aren't the only ones (even though they are, of course the right ones).

So I was up late last night, watching the results coming in. The highlight was when the results for Bergen, my hometown never came in, because the boxes with the ballots were stuck in a traffic jam on their way to counting central. Hilarious!

What I am a bit worried about is that the election turnout for my district is very low, only 2400 of about 8400. This is without those who voted in beforehand, which was a rather high number. But still.

I'm paying for staying up late last night today, since I've been in bed with a blinding migraine for most of the day.
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Title: Lead
Author: TheCrazyAlaskan
Fandom / Setting: The Thrilling Adventure Hour / Sparks Nevada, Marshal on Mars
Characters / Pairings: Sparks Nevada x Croach the Tracker
Rating: T+
Word Count: 4279
Warnings / Notes: Written for Round 8 of the Hurt / Comfort Bingo: Loss of Vision (Wild Card)
Summary: Vignettes detailing how, exactly, breaking up a hypercattle rustling could go wrong, and how the marshal and his companion deal with that.

I am weak as fuck for pretty much everything featured in this fic and it's stupidly self-indulgent and ask me if I give a fuck. 8D
spoiler alert, I give negative zero fucks


Read more... )
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It's been a busy weekend with a concert on Friday (Stravinsky, Rachmaninoff & Tchaikovsky) on Friday, theatre (Ibsen) on Saturday. And not to forget stand-up comedy course all day on both Saturday and Sunday.

About the course, well. First of all I realised that stand-up people is a different group that the people I normally surround myself with, which is mainly over-educated, left wing, middle class. The two men who held most of the course swore way more than I am used to (granted, I don't swear at all in Norwegian), and threw around stereotyping comments rather thoughtlessly. Their dialect was also markedly stronger than what mine is now.

Oh, well. What did I learn? First we learned a with about the history of stand-up, and the bits and pieces it is built up of, some different types of stand-up, and some practical stuff; what works, do's and dont's etc. The two main presenters were also interesting in their own rights, showcasing rather different approaches to their craft; one was very text-focused, turning up with the whole of his presentations written out in full. the other one was a bit more interactional, having an outline, and working from that.

After some basic stuff, we had a brainstorming session together, all ten of us. First we were given a topic: "elections" (it's election day tomorrow), and then we brainstormed all things we could think of with elections. And then we brainstormed some more. Then we split up into two groups and tried to come up with something funny. Which was extremely difficult. Not to say that we didn't have lots and lots of fun. I can't remember the time I laughed so much. I mean, if you sign up for a stand-up course, you are a bit funny, right. So there were a lot fo joking, funny, and half-funny comments. But to make that into a punchline - now that was difficult.

Today we were split into even smaller groups and were throwing around our own ideas, trying to figure out what would work, and what would not work on stage. There were about five different (professional) stand-up comedians walking in and out where we were working, ttrying to both tease out our ideas, and also trying to make us make something of them. That was very helpful, since they had somewhat different approaches and opinions, so you really got to see your ideas from several points of view.

And now? We have planned two outings, first this Tuesday to a stand-up show here, and then next Tuesday we're going to have a writing workshop. And then, the plan is that all of us are going on stage on a beginner's night within a couple of months.

What I liked about it was trying things out, throwing out ideas, looking at them from different sides. What I found a bit weird was that all of these guys were harping on about how to live from being a stand-up comedian, something that is rather far from my mind.

But we will see what the future brings! First step is to creat about 4 minutes worth of presentable text, with at least one punchline.
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Today is the 484th birthday of queen Elizabeth I of England. And Elizabeth is perhaps my greatest hero.

It all started with a book in a series of biographies for children, called "The history of". And I think I may received it as a gift on the famed Christmas of 1983 when I got 23 books. That was a good Christmas. I also got "The story of Joan d'Arc", but she wasn't as fun. But with Elizabeth it was love at first sight. Over by bed I had a picture of Elizabeth I, and eventually I got more and more books about her.

What made me like her so much? Well, probably a big part was the woman as a ruler in a man's world, was a big part of it. I totally understood - and still understand - that her choice of remaining unwed so she could rule all by herself. Also I liked her intellectual pursuits in languages and music. And not to forget that her life was full of action, desire and intrigues. What's not to fall in love with?

When I started university the plan was to study history, then specialize on the Tudor period. I had an idea about working on her early letters, which were partly written in Latin and Greek. So I decided I'd take Latin first, but for some reason just continued with Latin.

Occasionally I go back to the Tudor period in general and Elizabeth in particular, reading up on what is published, popular and occasionally scholarly works (working in a university has its advantages in terms of interlibrary loans).

Sometimes I wonder what life would be like if I'd actually gone on to study history. I like languages, but I love history. Is it to late to switch back now?

Elegy for a woollen jacket

Sep. 6th, 2017 10:02 pm
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I have a black wool jacket that I have owned for years, must be around a decade now. It is a in rather boring classic blazer style, a bit nipped at the waist, made by boiled wool, so it's a bit thick, but unlined. For ages it has been my go-to jacket: I have used it for formal occasions: Conference presentations, job interviews, formal meetings, funerals and weddings. But it have also perfect for a travel jacket: Warm underneath a outer layer, but warm enough to work as a light jacket when the weather is warm. Summer, winter, autumn and spring. And since it is wool, it is stretchy, and fits even with my tendency to go up and down in weight.

But now it is falling apart. And I have been looking for a replacement for years, but I never found any jacket even coming close. They are the wrong colour: I've got a nice one in burnt orange, but that doesn't work with everything. Or they are to trendy and will look out of date in three years. Or too long, too short, too ugly. Or more common: Not woollen enough. What's the point with a woollen jacket when the lining is polyester (which is a horrible fabric)?

I have a couple of these pieces of clothing and shoes which I've loved so much, but can never find a replacement for. Why does fashion keep changing so much?


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