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December 1: FIC: Manifest Destiny, for [livejournal.com profile] edna_blackadder, by [livejournal.com profile] htebazytook

December 2: FIC: Heaven Has No Taste, for [livejournal.com profile] cactus_rabbit, by [livejournal.com profile] irisbleufic

December 3: FIC: Consequences of a Drunken Confession, for [livejournal.com profile] meganbobness, by [livejournal.com profile] _silverfox

December 4: ART: Untitled (Spanish Inquisition!), for [livejournal.com profile] kirathaune, by [livejournal.com profile] skeletin

December 5: FIC: Model Citizens, for skeletin, by [livejournal.com profile] rroselavy

December 6: FIC: Fridays, for [livejournal.com profile] rroselavy, by [livejournal.com profile] ylc

December 6: FIC: Brown, Blue, Red, and Green, for Sofie, by [livejournal.com profile] cactus_rabbit

December 7: FIC: The Restricted Section, for [livejournal.com profile] seji, by [livejournal.com profile] kirathaune

December 8: FIC: Patience of an Angel, for [livejournal.com profile] mozzarellaroses, by [livejournal.com profile] gendersquare

December 9: FIC: Untitled, for [livejournal.com profile] rikacain, by [livejournal.com profile] hoshi_ryo

December 10: ART: 146 BC, for [livejournal.com profile] surpriselsie, by [livejournal.com profile] thecojsz

December 11: ART: i wonder how hard it is to read books w/these claws, for [livejournal.com profile] greywolfheir, by [livejournal.com profile] payton

December 12: ART:Free Will, for [livejournal.com profile] _silverfox, by [livejournal.com profile] supriselsie

December 13: ART: Untitled (A and C as jaeger pilots, Adam & Dog), for [livejournal.com profile] thekeyholder, by [livejournal.com profile] aliceapproved

December 13: FIC: Release, for [livejournal.com profile] hoshi_ryo, by [livejournal.com profile] maggieoftheowls

December 14: ART: Anathema/War, for [livejournal.com profile] payton, by [livejournal.com profile] lynndyre

December 14: FIC: Hell's Kitchen, for [livejournal.com profile] thecoszj, by [livejournal.com profile] sibellaholland

December 15: ART: Two men sat, sharing a bottle of wine, for [livejournal.com profile] peach_megumi, by [livejournal.com profile] thatshinyrock

December 16: ART: The Visit, for [livejournal.com profile] demons_advocate, by Sofie

December 17: ART: Flexible, for [livejournal.com profile] maggieoftheowls, by [livejournal.com profile] mozzarellaroses

December 18: ART: A Good Road and a Good Meal, for [livejournal.com profile] hsavinien, by [livejournal.com profile] peach_megumi

December 19: FIC: Five Times Crowley Tried to Kiss Aziraphale, and the one time..., for [livejournal.com profile] gendersquare, by [livejournal.com profile] greywolfheir

December 20: ART: Untitled (Crowley and Aziraphale at the carnival), for [livejournal.com profile] fergie_lucifer, by [livejournal.com profile] elizakaze

December 21: ART: Three Scenes, for [livejournal.com profile] miscellanny, by [livejournal.com profile] quantum_witch

December 22: FIC: A Crush Is Not the End of the World, for [livejournal.com profile] ylc, by [livejournal.com profile] thekeyholder

December 23: ART: Through the Years, for [livejournal.com profile] sibellaholland, by [livejournal.com profile] littlewolfstar

December 24: FIC: Of Love and Lattes, for [livejournal.com profile] elizakaze, by [livejournal.com profile] edna_blackadder

December 25: FIC: Memory is a Curious Thing, for [livejournal.com profile] greedslave, by [livejournal.com profile] meganbobness

December 26: FIC: your apple-eating heathen, for [livejournal.com profile] thatshinyrock, by [livejournal.com profile] katarzi

December 27: FIC: Aziraphale's Unpleasant Irish Adventure, Day 497/???, for [livejournal.com profile] lynndyre, by [livejournal.com profile] hsavinien

December 27: FIC: you're burning hot (but warm to the touch), for [livejournal.com profile] littlewolfstar, by [livejournal.com profile] rikacain

December 28: ART: Postcard from London, for [livejournal.com profile] htebazytook, by [livejournal.com profile] greedslave

December 28: FIC: Hell Has Grandmothers Too, for [livejournal.com profile] aliceapproved, by [livejournal.com profile] fergie_lucifer

December 29: FIC: Sherbert Holmes and the Elephant of Surprise, for [livejournal.com profile] vulgarweed, by [livejournal.com profile] miscellanny

December 30: FIC: The Orbit of His Own Soul, for [livejournal.com profile] katarzi, by [livejournal.com profile] tomato_greens

December 31: FIC: The Widening Gyre, for [livejournal.com profile] tomato_greens, by [livejournal.com profile] vulgarweed

January 1: FIC: Impending Motherhood, for the Mods ([livejournal.com profile] htebazytook, [livejournal.com profile] irisbleufic, & [livejournal.com profile] vulgarweed), by [livejournal.com profile] hsavinien
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We have one last surprise fic written very thoughtfully for we mods :)

Title: Impending Motherhood
Recipient: the mods
Rating: PG
Wordcount: 638
Author’s Note: A little extra gift for the Good Omens Holiday Gift Exchange mods.  Thank you for everything you do to make this all run smoothly.  While this is not particularly modly-themed, I hope it gives you a bit of a chuckle.  Story inspired by: http://notalwaysfriendly.com/unborn-born-again/35124
Summary: Anathema’s pregnant and experiencing the joys thereof, including overly-familiar strangers.

Impending Motherhood )
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Title: A Misunderstanding Between Fools
Recipient: [livejournal.com profile] irisbleufic
Pairing: Aziraphale/Crowley
Rating: Not sure - 17 and up?
Warnings: M/M relationship. No others except for a moment of violence towards sea-shells.

A Misunderstanding Between Fools )

Happy Holidays, Irisbleufic!!
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Title: The Widening Gyre
Recipient: [livejournal.com profile] tomato_greens
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Aziraphale/Crowley
Characters: Aziraphale, Crowley, War, William Butler Yeats, Maud Gonne MacBride, John MacBride, George Russell (AE), Aleister Crowley
Warnings: Vague, passing references to domestic violence and child sexual abuse, as well as possible attempted sexual assault by a waterfowl.
Summary: In the spring of 1916, some in London and Dublin were fighting a war on two fronts. Three, if you include the heart. (Too long a sacrifice can make a stone of it.)
Author’s Notes: If you notice any especially beautiful lines in this story, you can be sure they’re Yeats, not me.

The Widening Gyre )

Happy Holidays, [livejournal.com profile] tomato_greens, from your Secret Writer!
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Title: The Orbit of His Own Soul
Recipient: Katarzi
Characters: Aziraphale/Crowley, the Horsepersons, Oscar Wilde (sort of)
Rating: PG-13
Prompts: 1) Every book tells two stories: the story inside the book, and the story of the book. 2) The lamps are going out all over Europe, we shall not see them lit again in our life-time. -- Sir Edward Grey, 3 August 1914
Loquacious Author’s Note: Happy holidays! I combined two of your prompts and took as few historical liberties as the punchlines allowed; I hope you like this, as it felt weirdly experimental to write. With many thanks to my BFFs and fellow Wilde fans RR & NLP, who were my aid and succor, and to the ever-patient mods.

The Orbit of His Own Soul )

Happy Holidays, [livejournal.com profile] katarzi, from your Secret Writer!
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Title: Sherbert Holmes and the Elephant of Surprise

Recipient: [livejournal.com profile] vulgarweed

Author: A Secret!

Pairing: Aziraphale/Crowley

Rating: PG

Notes: 'Superintendent Crowley,' he said brusquely, flipping a wallet open and shut quickly enough that there was just a metallic shine, there and gone. He could make the Inspector - Lestrade, according to his desk plate - believe just about anything he wanted, if he tried, but why make the effort? With the right sort of attitude, the right sort of smirk under expensive sunglasses, a fake FBI badge from a box of Shredded Wheat in 1991 would do just as well. It made you despair for the whole sorry lot of them, it really did.

Sherbert Holmes and the Elephant of Surprise )
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Title: Hell Has Grandmothers Too
Recipient: aliceapproved
Word Count: 1,040
Summary: It's a normal day in the shop until some unusual old ladies arrive...
Notes: So I know that this was late, and I kinda messed with the prompt a bit, but I had a lot of fun writing it!  Also, thanks to my beta, Starky, who lives under piles of paperwork.

Hell )
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Title: you're burning hot (but warm to the touch)
Recipient: littlewolfstar
Rating: G
Pairing: Aziraphale/Crowley
Summary: An X-Men AU. Alternatively: Five times Aziraphale uses his powers for Crowley and one time Crowley uses his.
Notes: This fought me every step of the way but is finally out! I hope you enjoy it!

you're burning hot (but warm to the touch) )
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Title: Aziraphale's Unpleasant Irish Adventure, Day 497/???
Author: Seeekrit
Rating: PG
Wordcount: 1707
Recipient: Lynndyren
Author's Notes: The prompt I used was “Crowley and Aziraphale and medieval religion”.  I hope you like it!  Thanks to my SO for beta help.

Aziraphale's Unpleasant Irish Adventure, Day 497/??? )
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Title: your apple-eating heathen
Recipient: [livejournal.com profile] thatshinyrock
Characters: Aziraphale & Crowley
Rating: PG

Summary: History is written without them, and Crowley’s no lady.

your apple-eating heathen )

Happy Holidays, [livejournal.com profile] thatshinyrock, from your Secret Writer!
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Title: Memory is a Curious Thing
Recipient: greedslave
Rating: R
Warnings: possible dub/con
Word count: 6586
Disclaimer: Not mine

Summary: Aziraphale is irritated with all of the bids for Crowley's attention that he's witnessing, so he starts to accompany Crowley on his outings. He's got his hands full monitoring and deterring Crowley's popularity but something is tickling the back of his mind....A year earlier, a small mountain village in Austria, and a lot of mulled wine. Hazy sense memories nag at Aziraphale as icy winter weather takes hold in London.
Author’s Notes: Happiest of holidays, Greedslave! I tried to combine the themes of two of your prompts into one story so you’d get a little bit of both of them. I was so lucky to get your prompt and I thoroughly enjoyed writing this! Mixing humor, irritation, longing, and very huffy supernatural beings together is a joy. Thank you so much for writing the recipe!

Memory is a Curious Thing )
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Title: Of Love and Lattes
Recipient: elizakaze
Rating: PG-13
Pairings: Aziraphale/Crowley, Adam Young/Pepper, background Madame Tracy/Shadwell and Anathema Device/Newton Pulsifer
Prompt: A/C / Coffee shop au with Crowley being a barista and Aziraphale a customer, Crowley hates all seasonal flavours but the sweet tooth Azi helps him out / T to NC-17
Word Count: 9,023
Disclaimer: All copyrighted material referred to in this work, and the characters, settings, and events thereof, are the properties of their respective owners. This work is not created for profit and constitutes fair use.
Summary: A.J. Crowley, part time barista at Madame Tracy's Coffee Shoppe, only wants one thing for Christmas, which is to get through the joyous season without his head exploding. His coworkers are already not helping, and then the proprietor of the bookshop across the street develops an unfortunate addiction to seasonal espresso beverages.
Author's Note: Written for [livejournal.com profile] go_exchange 2014. Thanks to S for the beta.

Of Love and Lattes )
[identity profile] goe-mod.livejournal.com
Title: Through the Year(s)
Rating: PG / PG-13
Notes: Dear Sibellaholland, I hope you enjoy this gift!  I started out with a completely different concept, but it morphed into this.  I still tried to keep the idea of young!Az-and-Crowley on the edge of teenagerhood.

Five images: )
[identity profile] goe-mod.livejournal.com
Title: A Crush Is Not the End of the World
Recipient: YLC
Rating: PG-13
Pairing, Characters: Aziraphale/Crowley, hints of Anathema/Newt
Summary: They get a new classmate and Crowley kind of likes him. Anathema figures this out in 0.3 seconds and makes everything possible to befriend the mysterious Swede.
Warnings (if any): none
Author's Notes (if any): Happy Holidays, YLC! I always wanted to write a highschool human AU, so I hope you’ll enjoy my story.


A Crush Is Not the End of the World )
[identity profile] goe-mod.livejournal.com
Title: A Crush Is Not the End of the World
Recipient: YLC
Rating: PG-13
Pairing, Characters: Aziraphale/Crowley, hints of Anathema/Newt
Summary: They get a new classmate and Crowley kind of likes him. Anathema figures this out in 0.3 seconds and makes everything possible to befriend the mysterious Swede.
Warnings (if any): none
Author's Notes (if any): Happy Holidays, YLC! I always wanted to write a highschool human AU, so I hope you’ll enjoy my story.

A Crush Is Not the End of the World )
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Three Scenes
Recipient: [livejournal.com profile] miscellanny
Artist: {REDACTED}
Characters: The Them, Dog
Rating: G

The Them having the time of their lives )

Happy Holidays, [livejournal.com profile] miscellanny, from your Secret Artist!
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Title: The Four Times Crowley Tried To Kiss Aziraphale And The One Time…
Recipient: gendersquare
Prompt: Aziraphale/Crowley - break my heart. Despite their complicated feelings for each other, circumstances (likely Heaven and/or Hell) come between them. Sex is welcome but not vital.
Rating: T
Pairings: Aziraphale/Crowley (obviously)
Warnings: angst, much drunkenness, implied torture, historical inaccuracy
Author’s Notes: Happy holidays, gendersquare! Surprisingly enough, working on this fic helped me with my bout of depression and anxiety, so thanks for that. I hope this is heart breaking enough for you. Also please bear with me if I made any mistakes of canon or characterization. Enjoy!

The Four Times Crowley Tried To Kiss Aziraphale And The One Time… )
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Title: A Good Road and a Good Meal
For: [livejournal.com profile] hsavinien
Rating: G
Request: Give me historical fic. I want to read the most richly detailed thing you can write me about the most out-of-the-way bit of history you love, preferably not set in Rome, Greece, Britain, France, Germany, or the USA (pre-European-colonization/invasion Americas is A-OK). War or peace, how's it going, who's making trouble, and what are Aziraphale and Crowley up to? Little-known and under-appreciated historical personages a plus! - any rating
Artist's Notes: Happy Christmas! Here are two illustrations for you. Since it sounded like you wanted a complete departure from the European world, I thought you might enjoy a trip to Edo/Tokugawa era Japan. Crowley is traveling the Tokaido road, selling amulets, and Aziraphale is, of course, involved in the growing artistic and literary community. I hope this is along the lines of what you were hoping for.

A Good Road and a Good Meal )

Happy Holidays, [livejournal.com profile] hsavinien, from your Secret Artist!


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