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This list will remain open for claiming until midnight EST on Saturday, October 21st. Comments are currently enabled (but screened, as with when you entered your prompts in the first place). Please choose your top 3 choices of prompt-sets for which you think you'd want to create. You choose sets by number, not by individual prompts within the sets!

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Hello, Exchangelings! We are ready to go, and we are opening the sign-up process for our Lucky 13th year of holiday delights! That’s right. Good Omens Exchange has operated every holiday season since 2005, so by now it's something of a fandom institution. A few participants have been in every single one.

Here's how it works:

On THIS post, request 3 different prompt scenarios you'd like to receive in either art or fic form, listed like this:


*This is a new addition to the signup. Unlike your prompts and likes/dislikes, this information (like your email) will NOT be displayed on the public anonymous claiming post.

You MUST include your email address with your request. You MUST let us know what name you’re using on all correspondence. Comments will be screened, and no one but the mods will see them. We'll copy and paste them into a list with names and other potentially identifying information redacted for participants to choose from.

When sign-ups close, that post will open for claiming, and participants will choose the prompts they want to create from that anonymized list of prompts/requests, so anonymity will be preserved both ways. Please read directions carefully.

In other words, you will be choosing a prompt, but you will not know whose prompt you’re taking. And, as always, you will not know who requested or received your prompt until the reveal shortly after New Year’s!

THIS IS THE SIGN-UPS POST. Comments will be screened. Your prompts will be processed as quickly as possible and added to the list of anonymous request prompts. At the end of the sign-up period (October 12th at midnight EST), we will ask you to select your top choices in a screened comment. Prompt claiming will be open until a date we'll specify in the prompts post. At the end of the prompt selection period, we will make final assignments based on your selected prompts. We cannot guarantee your first choice, but we’ll try to match you with one of your requests. Early requesters will have a slightly better chance of getting a first choice. Assignments will be sent out the last weekend of October, and gifts will be due no later than November 30. Posting of the gifts begins on December 1.

So, in a nutshell:

When making your prompts, use this template:

1. Cut and paste this prompt format into your reply post:


2. Answer clearly and thoroughly, as appropriate. Other participants will be reading through your anonymized prompts for the purpose of selecting the gifts that they would like to give. Note that artists may prefer simplified prompts—or that they may choose to simplify your detailed prompts. You MUST include a working email address where we can contact you. Correspondence with mods is done through our email, goodomens[dot]exchange[at]gmail[dot]com, NOT through LJ or Tumblr messages.

Try to vary your requests if possible, so that some are specific and some are wide open. Also keep in mind that prompts should be amenable to either fic or art. Crossovers are welcome, but we ask that you limit it to only one of your three requests.

Your deadline to submit your prompt set is October 12th at midnight (EST).

Now go wild! And questions should be emailed to us at goodomens[dot]exchange[at]gmail[dot]com.

Click here for examples from previous years' prompts.

Your 2017 mods are [personal profile] lunasong365 and [personal profile] vulgarweed.
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In light of Livejournal’s rather alarming new Terms of Service/User Agreement and the many legitimate concerns users have about affiliating with it, and also in light of the spam that’s been plaguing us for years, the GOE mods have decided we will create a Good Omens Exchange mirror community at Dreamwidth, and that is where the exchange will be hosted in 2017.

Dreamwidth allows for easy importation of all posts and comments, so we plan to do that, so the GOE Archive going back to 2005 will stay intact and the transition should be fairly seamless. We have no plans to delete this Livejournal archive at this time - we’ll certainly let you know if that changes - but we will not be adding to it next season.
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Ordinary Conceptions was written by irisbleufic for tomato_greens

Old West AU in Artwork was drawn by andrea.chiara for cactus_rabbit

The Birds and the Bees
was written by lunasong365 for edna_blackadder

Not All Dogs Go to Heaven was written by miscellainny for notaspacealien

Winter in Gallia
was written by silverfox for myfavoriteismike

To Ineffability and Beyond
was written by notaspacealien for vulgarweed

Let's Get It Over With
was written by bravinto for naesadx2

Good Old-Fashioned Christmas Fluff
was drawn by hopepyrope for tio-trile

Glimpses of a Case
was written by hoshi_ryo for silverfox

Out of Ambit
was written by hsavinien for cutebunny/sporkfosterfan

5 Times They Needed Shelter & 1 Time They Didn't But Had It All The Same
was written by daedin_lindir for hopepyrope

Gotta Catch "Them" All
and Don't Point Your Finger At Me were written by thedemonwithatypewriter for irisbleufic

Celestial Motions and Supernatural Systems of Timekeeping
was written by keksdiebin for lunasong365

A Cup of Sugar
was written by tomato_greens for miscellainny

PotterOmens Fusion Art
was drawn by tio-trile for ajcrowlor

Lockets, Loins, and a Guide to Web 2.0
was written by meganbobness for ladylier

The Codex
was written for jessiegower by ladylier

The Chronicles of the Detective and Crook
was written by kittyroxdive for thekeyholder

Happy Holidays
and Strange Shape were written by cutebunny/sporkfosterfan for sous-le-saule

Repeal and Replace
was written by quantum-witch for kittyroxdive

5 Times Body-Sharing Was Annoying & 1 Time It Wasn't
was written by thekeyholder for macdicilla

The Ghosts of Tadfield was written by edna_blackadder for hsavinien

Untitled Gen Aziraphale & Crowley Fic was written by daxarve for cutebunny/sporkfosterfan

Going...Going...Gone! was written by demonsadvocate for hoshi_ryo

Raising Warlock
was written by cursiella for majinie

Artwork & A Mysterious Letter was written by shire13 for jessiegower

Midterms At the University of Pandemonium
was written by macdicilla for bravinto

Sweet Dreams, Angel!
and Finnish Sauna were written/drawn by sous-le-saule for cursiella

The Gay Gordons
was written by notaspacealien for EVERYONE

Aziraphale and Crowley Fluff...Quite Literally
was drawn by naesadx2 for andrea.chiara

Secrets of the Universe was written by cactus_rabbit for demonsadvocate

Of Authors, Cosplayers, and Other Miracles was written by majinie for shire13

Untitled, But Cosmic was drawn by daxarve for calicovirus/katarzi

The Sleep of Reason was written by vulgarweed for daxarve

The Peanut Greenery was drawn by lunatique.yue for alphacentauri

Simply Having a Wonderful Christmastime was written by alphacentauri for OUR PINCH-HITTERS

Showtime (All That Jazz) was written by calicovirus/katarzi for meganbobness

Apocaparty was written by jessiegower for thedemonwithatypewriter
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Simply Having a Wonderful Christmastime, Pt 3


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Happy Holidays, Pinch-Hitters, from your Secret Writer and Artist!
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Simply Having a Wonderful Christmas Time, Part 2


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To Be continued!!
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For our final gift at Good Omens Exchange 2017, we've got a story and artwork as a gift for the unsung heroes of every exchange - the pinch-hitters! Those who do double duty and those who step in without expecting anything in return, those who go above and beyond . . . THANK YOU!

Title: Simply Having a Wonderful Christmastime
Word Count: 15,313
Pairing: Aziraphale & Crowley
Tags: #fluff #Christmas #ace/platonic relationship #adorableness #domesticity #SO MUCH FLUFF DEAR LORD HELP ME #itty bitty bit of angst because I’m me and I can’t help myself
Warnings: none
Summary: Crowley decides Aziraphale needs to celebrate Christmas properly this year.

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Title: The Peanut Greenery
Recipient: alphacentauri

Characters/Pairings: House Plants, Aziraphale/Crowley
Rating: G
Notes: I had way too much fun drawing Crowley's nosy plants. What a lovely prompt!! Happy GOE!!!

The Peanut Gallery )
[identity profile] goe-mod.livejournal.com
Title: The Sleep of Reason
Rating: PG-ish. (Gen, Aziraphale & Crowley friendship)

Summary: I kind of wove two of your prompts together a little bit: "When Crowley figured out he liked sleeping" and "Crowley acquiring a new plant." I hope you enjoy it!

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Happy Holidays, daxarve, from your Secret Writer!
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Art: Untitled, but Cosmic
Rating: SFW
Prompt: any/all characters, David Bowie was the glue holding the universe together…the fabric of reality is unraveling without him. Does someone have to undertake a Journey To the Underworld/His Home Planet to bring him back, or is David Bowie always alive in our hearts? Yes, this is crack, but like…make it serious crack. Crack with *depth*. Like I gotta be appreciating the David Bowie-ness of it, but it's gotta like…take its own premise seriously, you know? Basically, keep with the tone of the book.

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Happy Holidays, Katarzi, from your Secret Artist!
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Of Authors, Cosplayers, and Other Miracles (Pt 2)
Rated: Explicit/NC-17

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Happy Holidays, [livejournal.com profile] shire13, from your Secret Writer!
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Title: Of Authors, Cosplayers and other Miracles
For: shire13
Author: A secret!
Word Count: 12.179
Rating: Explicit
Prompt: Aziraphale and Crowley attending Comic Con.
Author's Note: I hope you enjoy this! The length got away from me a little, I hope that it's alright and there aren't too many mistakes due to the un-beta'ed-ness. (And I hope the smut is okay. I don't really have experience with that.) Happy Holidays!

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Title: Secrets of the Universe
Recipient: demonsadvocate

Beta: meganbobness
Characters/Pairing: Some background A/C
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Crowley finds himself summoned by an overzealous teenager with a head for business.  Aziraphale ends up waiting at home, because after surviving the Almost-Apocalypse nothing really scares you anymore.

Secrets of the Universe )
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Title: Aziraphale and Crowley Fluff...Quite Literally
Artist's Notes: Merry Christmas, and I hope you like it. I would have liked to do more, but things ended up getting a little crazy for me. All is good now, and I was able to finish off these drawings, so enjoy Azi and Cowley as kittens! (Azi is a Scottish fold, which is why his ears are the way they are.)

This way to the fluff... )
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Title: The Gay Gordons
Characters: Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Castiel, Aziraphale, Crowley
Rating: G
Word Count: 3,800
Warnings: None
Summary: Sam and Dean pick up an investigation as a favor to Castiel and find something a bit unexpected.

The Gay Gordons )
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Title : Finnish Sauna

Prompt 2 : Aziraphale and Crowley went to a sauna just to try.

Note : I won’t claim I’m an artist but your second prompt immediately made me want to draw. Consider it as just a little humble extra.

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Happy Holidays, Cursiella, from your Secret Artist (who is the same person as your Secret Writer!
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Title: Sweet dreams, angel!
Gift for: Cursiella
From: Your secret author
Rating: Gen.
Characters: Crowley / Aziraphale
Word Count: 2263
Summary: Aziraphale’s never been able to sleep. Crowley takes up the challenge.
Prompt: Crowley introducing Aziraphale to sleeping habits, Aziraphale not being completely convinced at first but ending up having a nice first nap, maybe after some funny things like Crowley reading a book to him or counting sheep (?) AND FLUFFY CUDDLING.
Author’s Note: Thanks for your nice prompt, Cursiella. I hope you enjoy this and I wish you a merry Christmas! And many thanks to my precious betareader, Lunasong365!


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Happy Holidays, Cursiella, from your Secret Writer!
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Title: Midterms at the University of Pandemonium
Recipient: Bravinto
Warnings: None
Rating: PG-13
Notes: Happy holidays, Bravinto! I absolutely loved your prompt about demons studying for Latin exams in Hell.
Summary: Hell passes a new decree requiring all demons to go back Hell to complete a one-year Latin certification. Crowley does not manage to dodge the recall, but he does manage to make some friends, keep in touch with Aziraphale, stay out of Hastur and Ligur's way (for about two weeks), and maybe even learn Latin.

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Happy Holidays, Bravinto, from your Secret Writer!


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