Dec. 31st, 2007

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Title: Champagne
Author: [ profile] unravels
Rating: PG
Pairing: Aziraphale/Crowley
Summary: The States in the roaring twenties had an abundance of both vice and enforced morality.  Aziraphale and Crowley aren't surprised that they have assignments there, but they do find that working on them together is much more efficient than working separately.

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Happy Holidays, [ profile] ineffabili_tea, from your Secret Writer!
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Untitled ficlet and art
for: [ profile] dreya_uberwald
from: [ profile] hiza_chan
Rating: PG
Summary: Pollution loves his work!

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Happy Holidays, [ profile] dreya_uberwald, from your Secret Writer/Artist!
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Title: Between the Lines
Author: [ profile] violet_quill
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Aziraphale/Crowley
Warnings: Aphrodisiacs, unexpected tops, and sex between the lines.
Summary: Luring an angel into bed is one thing; getting them to shut up long enough to do anything once you're there is quite another.
Author's Notes: I do hope that this suits! There's one character who is a bit resentful about your request for "surprises" but hey, I for one had a lot of fun with that. A huge, gigantic thank you to M, my muse, beta, and altogether partner-in-crime.

Between the Lines )

Happy Holidays, [ profile] grand_marquis, from your Secret Writer!
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Happy New Year to all, and thank you to everyone who has contributed so far! We're very pleased with the fantastic array of gifts.

Normally on this day, we'd be making an announcement to close the Exchange and get ready for the guessing poll and the Reveal.

However, due to the increase in late gifts and dropouts this year, we weren't able to plan or pace our posting as smoothly as we'd like, and we decided it was better to go a few days into January than to do a last-day massive dump that wouldn't be fair to the writers or artists, attentionwise (as many of the last gifts posted are by pinch-hitters, bless them, and many of the others were not handed in late, or at least not as late as those we're still waiting for. Ahem.) There will be some new rules to deal with this for next year's exchange, and as per the rules in the user info, I'm sorry to say there is a ban list for next year as well.

BUT! That's the bad news. The good news is that there is SO MUCH here for your pleasure, and several days of lovely things still to come.

So, rejoice! It ain't over til it's over.


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